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Keen Zambezi Sandal €109

I am not sure about any other paddlers, but if truth be told I am brutal
on my water shoes. I go through at least 2 pairs of shoes each year,
and last year I actually went through a third set but that was actually
because I lost a shoe during a swim at the Liffey descent.
I prefer the “trainer” style shoes that you get away with wearing
off the water, and haven’t really ever been that bothered with
pure hard line creek boots.

Coming into the summer months of paddling I was pleased
to pick up a pair of the Keen Zambezi sandals, and boy I have
been impressed.

                              These sandals operate on a clever single strap
                                            adjustment system so it is really easy to adjust
                                                     the straps on the sandals to get the perfect fit, even if you
                                                         are barefoot or if you put these over your drysuit socks.
                                                         I know that wearing sandals with a drysuit will be a
                                                         huge “no, no” in a lot of paddling circles, however I am
                                                        honestly of the opinion that if the system works for you,
                                                  why not?

                                       The Zambezi are very comfortable to wear for a long time, and I
haven’t felt them pinch me at all like on some other similarly styled sandals.
I can confidently say that these sandals are the very best I have ever used.

Parasol Sunscreen €17.95

Over the summer I’ve been trying a few new types of sunscreen. I had
a melanoma removed last year so I’ve started taking my sun protection
pretty seriously.

One that stood out was Parasol Sun Cream from Irish BodyCare. Instead
of the usual creamy base, this one is silicon based. Because of the base
it’s extremely waterproof and I found that one application lasted all day on
the water, even if I took a swim or two.

It’s a very thin liquid for a sunscreen and goes on easily. I have to say
that it took a little getting used to when applying it, but after a few days it
started to feel more natural than the creams.

The sunscreen didn’t mark clothes, didn’t appear to affect wetsuits or
drysuits, applied very evenly and once it was on and dried in, didn’t feel
oily at all. In fact there’s next to no smell and you wouldn’t know it was
there, but after a full day in the sun on even the hottest days, I didn’t burn
at all.
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