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Palm Orbit Spraydeck €169

The Palm Orbit is the latest rand spraydeck from
Palm Equipment. First impressions of the deck
are really good, it looks very smart and has some
nice features.
There’s kevlar reinforcement that protects the
high wear areas, an attachment clip on the
webbing loop - which allows you to clip the
deck out of the way when off the
water, or to hang it up when storing. There’s also
a layer of really grippy rubber on the underside
of the deck which ensures a good grip on the
cockpit rim, and a really cool feature that I
haven’t seen on other decks is the tapered
rubber o-ring on the top of the waist tunnel, this
creates a really good seal where the deck meets
your body.

The main feature that differentiates this from
this deck from Palm’s other offerings is that it
has a rubber rand rather than a bungee cord to
create the seal. It has to be said that the rand is
slightly harder to get on than a bungee deck but
the seal it creates when on is amazing! I would
be extremely confident that this deck could take
the hardest of hits and still remain on the boat!
I paddle a Zet which has a difficult cockpit for a
deck to fit well, but the orbit created a great seal and kept the boat really dry. Overall I’m very happy
with the deck and look forward to putting it through its paces some more.
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