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Editorial:                    WELCOME...
Coordination: Gareth Mahood        the Put In paddling magazine.
Production: John McClean                   Like most of the world we’ve spent the
                                   past few weeks watching the spectacle that
Advertising:                       was the Olympic Games Rio 2016. We did            do some work though - just for you, we
+44 289 44 00 104                  caught up with the kayak slalom gold medal
                                   winner, Joe Clarke for an exclusive interview.
Contributors:                      And to help wind down from the hectic
Neil Wilson                        competitive world of the Olympics we’ve
Simon Westgarth                    also got fantastic trip reports from Ireland
Adrian Harkin                      and abroad, and our Club Feature this issue
Joe Clarke                         is from Phoenix in Cork - so Something for
Sue Honan                          everybody!
Peter Dew
Tim Rowe                           Most of our contributors are not professional writers or
Paul Cahill                      photographers. We want to include your paddling stories,
Gene Cahill                     and we want to use your photographs. If you have anything
Mal Grey                      you’d like to be considered for the magazine, please email it to

David Horkan
Eoin O’Callaghan             Correspondence:
Harry O’Brien                The Put In paddling Magazine.
Richard Hobson               Antrim BT41 1HY
Maria McGivern McNally       t: 048 9440 0104 from Ireland
Sue Honan                    t: 028 9440 0104 from UK
Sonja Ewen                   m: +44 78 7258 9766
Paul Villecourt    
Conor Smith
Mary Young
Pete Astles

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Christian Cameron
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