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Palm Ladies Atom drysuit €725

              I recently got the new Palm Ladies drysuit and I love it. I had the previous model and so
                   you might say it’s the same drysuit just a slightly different colour. But this is not the
                        case. It hasn’t been changed a lot but the changes have improved it.
                          The material is stronger and so after a few walks through some river banks over
                            the last few months, I’m still dry in it. This is a great improvement on the old
                                 The new zip is great, there is no longer a flap covering the zip and so I can
                                 easily zip up and unzip my dry suit on my own. No more driving home in
                                my drysuit because there’s no one around to open it for me! They have
                         improved the strength of this zip so it doesn’t need the flap to protect it.
                         The drop seat zip is also much better and probably one of my favourite features
                         on the new suit. The fit is much better so it’s not so baggy and I’m much tighter in
                         my boat. It also makes the suit look better and less baggy. There has some debate
                         recently about the usefulness of the drop seat in ladies dry suits. I had a dry suit
                        with the front relief zip and never once used it as I didn’t want to use a Shee Wee.
                        In comparison I’ve used the drop seat numerous times while out paddling.
                         The Velcro neck seal is gone and replaced with a lovely neoprene one. This helps
                         with no more crazy knots and huge dreads in my hair from it sticking to the

              Velcro. A small thing but a nice addition.
The colour has also changed to a different shade of blue with an orange trim, which I really like.
The new suit is not a huge change from the old but the old suit was pretty good and so there wasn’t
a need to change too many features in it. However the small changes that have been made the new
suit even better.

                                                                                                                    Laura Giffin
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