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Editorial:                     WELCOME...
Guest Editor: Catriona Woods
Coordination: Gareth Mahood a very special edition of the Put In                  paddling magazine.
Production: John McClean                    This issue we’re celebrating women who
                                    paddle, so we asked one of the most
Advertising:                        inspirational paddlers we know to be our             guest editor - Catriona Woods.
+44 289 44 00 104
                                    Over the past few weeks Catriona has been
Contributors:                       gathering articles from some awe inspiring
Catriona Woods
Sue Honan                           We hope you enjoy reading what they have
Sonja Ewen                          to say.
Elaine Alexander
Vix Crawford                        Most of our contributors are not professional writers or
Catherine Scott                   photographers. We want to include your paddling stories,
Aisling Griffin                  and we want to use your photographs. If you have anything
Justine Curgenven              you’d like to be considered for the magazine, please email it to
Laura Giffin
Jenny Egan                                        
Zoe Thompson
Jenny Kilbride                Correspondence:
Claire O’Hara                 The Put In paddling Magazine.
                              Antrim BT41 1HY
Photographs:                  t: 048 9440 0104 from Ireland
Maria McGivern McNally        t: 028 9440 0104 from UK
Sue Honan                     m: +44 78 7258 9766
Sonja Ewen          
Paul Villecourt
instil photography
Conor Smith
Mary Young

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Christian Cameron
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