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Nookie Charger £599.95/€790.00

In the past I’ve borrowed or hired dry suits and by the nature of this they’ve always been less than
perfect, damaged in some way, poor fit, trimmed seals, worn zips etc. A dry suit was an luxury I
could ill afford until I realised I had my WWSR booked for an icy November, flood waters rising and
I was beginning to worry about wearing a wetsuit in these conditions.

                                       I decided now was the time to take the plunge (in the financial sense)
                                         and treat myself, but as I’d left it until the day before my course
                                          to chicken out of the wetsuit I was a little limited to what was
                                           available; no time for shopping trips or mail order, only time for a
                                           trip to North East Kayaks and paddles armed with my life savings
                                           and a budget of £500.
                                          I explained I needed something suitable for WWSR, canoeing and
                                          kayaking. I won’t go into all the suits I tried as being new to buying
                                          one I couldn’t do them justice. I can only comment on where I
                                         plumped to spend my cash. I did end up going a little over budget

                                       but I’m happy with my choice.

                                        I know a dry suit purchase should be based on practicality but firstly
                                        we looked at what was available in stock in my size and then I cut
                                        this list down by choosing what looked good. I then obviously tried
                                       on the suits that were left to whittle it down to my final choice. Final
                                       2 came down to Palm and Nookie before eventually deciding on the
                                      Nookie Charger.

                                      Firstly the suit looks awesome! The red/grey/black colour scheme
                                       is very appealing but what swung it for me was I can get in and out
                                       myself without dislocating a shoulder. The crotch zip is obviously
                                       handy for once you’re fastened up but it wasn’t too much trouble to
                                       get into the suit and fasten the shoulder zip single handedly.
                                       The zips have a large flexible rubber T-grip which is easy to grasp and
                                       the zip runs easily right to the very watertight end.

                                             Neck seals are rubber with neoprene over, which are snug but not
                                              tight. Arm and body articulating is easy and my movements don’t
                                        seem restricted at all with plenty of movement without seeming to be

                                                                                                             baggy in any way.

The suit is warm, much warmer than I expected meaning I was a little too warm at low water
temperatures with a tracksuit and fleece underneath. I ended up jumping in whitewater flows with
the fleece removed. A t-shirt was sufficient underneath. I felt very cosy floating away down river!
Whilst being thrown in the water and manhandled in and out of boats and dragged up the river
bank not once did I get wet at all. All seams, zips and fabrics held up well and have done on
numerous occasions since.
My one ‘complaint’ if I must have one is my feet get cold. Is this down to my choice of footwear or
the thickness of the integrated foot section or choice of material I really don’t know but it is only
my feet seem cold!
Summary - an expensive investment I’ve been putting off for some time but I’m extremely happy
with the choice I made!

                                                                                                                       Geoff Potts
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