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Editorial:                    WELCOME...
Coordination: Gareth Mahood                 To issue 4 of The Put In magazine. It’s winter,
Production: John McClean           so we’ve included a couple of seasonal articles                   in this issue. Oisin Hallissey shares his tips for
                                   working on skills in the pool, and Patrick Buck
Advertising:                       takes us outside to explain what happens when            we’re dumped unexpectedly in cold water!
+44 289 44 00 104                  We’re also pleased to be able to include Benny
                                   Cullen’s account of his epic Devizes to West-
Contributors:                      minster race with John Mollohan last year.
Adrian Harkin
Luka Walshe                        We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve
Dr.Patrick Buck                    enjoyed putting it together.
Lena Doherty
Colm Herdman                       Most of our contributors are not professional writers or
Phil Miller                      photographers. We want to include your paddling stories,
Geoff Potts                     and we want to use your photographs. If you have anything
Oisin Hallissey               you’d like to be considered for the magazine, please email it to
Brid O’Connell
Aoife Hanrahan                                   
Patrick Stratford
Benny Cullen                 Correspondence:
Tim Craig                    The Put In paddling Magazine.
Thomas Thompson              Antrim BT41 1HY
Matt McKnight                t: 048 9440 0104 from Ireland
                             t: 028 9440 0104 from UK
Photographs:                 m: +44 78 7258 9766
Maria McGivern McNally
Philip Fox
Sue Honan
Sonja Ewen
Niamh Guckian
Tom Bannon

Logo design:
Christian Cameron
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