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Palm Rocket kids’ jacket €99.95

                                     You might think that - being aimed exclusively at kids - the Rocket
                                     would be a half-hearted attempt at a cag. You’d be utterly wrong.

                                               This is a proper performance white water jacket with a modern
                                                 3D cut, Breathable XP 2-layer fabric, a neoprene neck seal,
                                                   latex cuffs shaped specially for growing children, velcro
                                                    outer cuffs and a twin layer spraydeck waist, with velcro
                                                     adjusters on the outer layer.

                                                       The four sizes range from 8 to 16 year olds.

                                                        We were amazed by the quality of this cag when it
                                                        arrived. It’s got very snug neck and wrist seals, but
                                                        otherwise the size and shape allow for good freedom of
                                                       movement, it’s good temperature regulation and it has
                                             remained dry over the several months we’ve been using it so far.

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