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DD Front Line Hammock £75

As with all DD Hammocks the Front Line hammock is double skinned and made of a breathable
nylon material. Each comes in its own stuff sack, and we added the hammock sleeve which I would
highly recommend as an accessory.

                                                           The two layers are separated by a zip, allowing you to
                                                                             insert a sleeping mat for insulation.

                                                                              I like to look round me when I am
                                                                              hammock camping and to be able to
                                                                        pay attention to what is going on around
                                                                camp. The DD is great in this respect.

                                                   I didn’t have any problems with sag in this hammock and
                                        although it has a fairly low cut design the mosquito net gives the
feeling of a complete camping package.

Pair this with one of the fantastic tarps from the DD range and you have a wonderfully versatile
camping system which is ideal to carry with you in your paddling kit for overnighters, or just to
make a cracking lunch stop setup.

Kelly Kettle ‘Scout’ kit €79.83

Kelly Kettle are a Mayo company known for making great quality wood burning kettles, and with
the scout kit they have expanded it to make a complete cooking system. The performance of
the wood burner very successfully uses a chimney to heat the water that is encased within the
structure of the design.
I have found this stove to be one of the easiest stoves to light and it is very efficient with fuel used.

The scout kit, among other things comes with a hobo stove attachment
and a pot stand. The hobo stove attachment gives you the means of
using the stove as a small controlled cooking fire where you can easily
and securely place mess tins or other pots on top to cook whatever
gourmet delicacies you may fancy.

These stoves are not designed to be small and compact, easily fitting
inside a rucksack for example, but are rather items of kit which comple-
ment the touring paddler excellently. Being able to boil water with a
couple of pine cones and a few twigs mean that you will never have to
worry about forgetting fuel again!
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