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   Dewerstone Stratos Sunglasses £65.00

     What Dewerstone say:
     We’ve taken our signature ‘Smart Technical’
     approach to design and combined it with our
     love of hand crafted products. All our eyewear
     is produced with a real artisan feel, with care
     and attention being lavished on every stage
     of production.

     So whether you’re canoeing across a glassy
     lake, riding through the countryside, or just
     soaking up the rays on the beach, do it in a pair of
     dewerstone sunglasses this summer.

     We think ... Wow. Just Wow. When these things arrive in the post we recommend you find
     a quiet spot, sit down and savour the moment. Everything about them exudes quality.
     Every pair is unique, they look amazing, even smell great - plus they have polarized lenses
     and float.

Peak UK deluxe Jacket £210.00

What Peak say:
The Deluxe jacket is one of Peak UK’s best selling jackets of all time. Featuring double latex and

                          neoprene wrists and neck, and a double waist seal, the Deluxe offers full on
                              whitewater protection. The jacket is constructed from Peak’s X3 mid-heavy
                                     weight nylon with 25m waterproofing, plus X3 reinforcing on the
                                       shoulders and elbows. With an easy access zip pocket on the right
                                          of the chest and an articulated cut for maximum freedom of
                                            movement, the Deluxe is a must for whitewater paddlers of all
                                               If you are looking for a solid dry cag to use in all white water
                                                you will go a long way to beat the build quality, features,
                                                 toughness and styling of this jacket.
                                                  The cag comes with a latex seal and a neoprene cone over
                                                 the top at the neck and the wrists which make this cag pretty
                                                unlikely to let in any unwanted water, the twin waist for dry
                                               trousers and spraydeck make this a great option for optimising
                                              your experience while running the big water.

This is a very well thought out jacket and is very comfortable to wear for longer days on the water.
It is lighter and less expensive than the very impressive Creek jacket but the deluxe offers a better all
round option for all white water paddlers.
Highly recommended piece of kit, and pair it with the excellent storm pants and you have a really
great paddling outfit.

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