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Contributors:                         WELCOME...
Adrian Harkin
Adrian Durrant                             To issue 2 of The Put In magazine.
Fergal Somerville
Lomhar Noone                               The days are beginning to get longer, the
Chris Scott                                weather’s starting to get warmer... For some
Colm M Ó H-Éalaithe                        of us that means more pleasant paddling,
Benny Cullen                               for others, the end of the season. Whatever
Vicki Guy                                  paddling discipline you prefer we think there’ll
Mat Howes                                  be something in this issue to interest you.
Kelvin Horner
Stu Morris                                 We’ve managed to attract contributions from
Lydia Gault                                some top paddlers, and have also included
Alan Bates                                 articles suitable for club paddlers and novices.
Mark Kelly
Courtney Greene                            So stretch yourself out in that spring sunshine
Eoin Keyes                                 and read on!
Simon Coyle Rowan
John Wilkinson                        Most of our contributors are not professional writers or
Hamish Wilkinson                      photographers. We want to include your paddling stories, and we
Lena Doherty                          want to use your photographs. If you have anything you’d like to be
Jenny Kilbride                        consideredforthemagazine,
Neal Kelly
Ashley Hunter                        Correspondence:
Paddle4Life                          The Put In paddling Magazine.
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CANI                                 t: 048 9440 0104 from Ireland
David O’Hara                         t: 028 9440 0104 from UK
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Maria McGivern McNally
Navarat Turner
Emer O’Brien
Gerard Moreland

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